Small kitchen? No problem! Ideas to let your small kitchen stand out

An organized kitchen ( with all modern equipments is every homemaker’s dream. If you are the entertaining type who loves to have people over for quick bite or an elaborate supper then there are chances that you may feel the need for a big kitchen. How can you possibly fit all the stuff in small ten by ten square feet?

But with shrinking home spaces and high cost of living, you don’t have much choice, do you?

Well if there is one place in the whole house that you can do with less space, no prize for guessing this one, it is the kitchen. Big may mean the luxury of having huge dining tables with countless modas thrown around but it can mean spending countless hours cleaning the table tops and arranging the stuff back after your guests leave.

Misconception that only a big kitchen is a well decorated kitchen:

It’s a myth that only a large kitchen can be well decorated and sophisticated. On the contrary, a small kitchen can be extremely creative and at times quirky. The quirk factor can help quite a bit especially when making a meal for your near and dear ones since it is recommended that you make food when you are in the best of spirits. Lesser work for cleaning the counters and doing the dishes is known to increase the happiness quotient!

When you sit down to address the problem that you may encounter in a smaller kitchen, the chances are that you may run into a perfect solution for all of them.

One of the major issues that every small kitchen has is the lack of enough storage space. This in turn can lead to

·        Cluttering of vessels

·         Lack of space to store and efficiently run your equipments

·         Lack of space for doing mundane activities like chopping and cleaning

Cluttering of vessels and other kitchen paraphernalia may not necessarily be due to lack of enough storage. In fact, it can also be due to excessive things that are stored in the kitchen. It is a great idea to remove all the tools and take an inventory of things that you don’t use anymore or it is too old to use or there s no need for it anymore. If that thing falls into any one of the category, consider recycling the tool or give it away to someone to whom it will be useful.

You may be surprised that at the end of such exercise, you may possibly have decluttered your kitchen shelf up to a minimum of ten percent. Now you can fit a little more in the shelves and make place for placing your chopping board.

Not enough place still!

Here are some ideas to increase the storage space in your kitchen without letting it look like the shelves are bulging out.


a.       Pots rack:

Some small kitchens may not have enough wall space to have an elaborate wall mounting pot and pan rack in that case a smaller rack can be considered to store only the pots that are most frequently used by the cook. The rack could be suspended from the ceiling or from the edge of the chimney rack. 

b.      Tools rack:

Having tool racks across the wall where the cook can access the tools is a good idea to de clutter your kitchen and free some shelf space for that exquisite China crockery that you got on your last trip abroad.

i.                    Small racks with pegs and nails can be used to hang tools that have loops in them.

ii.                  Use small baskets that will hold tools used for specific purposes example, cutting tools in one basket and then baking tools in yet another. You may even colour organize the tools and baskets and label them humorously to add a quirk factor there.

iii.                Affix rods to make space for additional tools to hang and also your cups and mugs.

iv.                Attach magnetic strips to affix tools made of iron and steel to organize them vertically.


a.       Dual purpose :

When trying to capitalize on small spaces, one should opt for functional furniture. For instance, a dining table that can be folded into half and serve as an additional kitchen counter.

b.      Hideaway furniture

Furniture that can be put away once its use is over will enhance floor space in the kitchen. For example, a high chair that folds and can be tucked away into a shelf.

c.       Investing in a food trolley

The kitchen will do good to have a couple of food trolleys which can store some kitchen essentials and also become a conversation piece around the house. It can help save precious place in the kitchen shelf and also jazz up a lonely corner in the house.


The kitchen can have additional shelf place under the cook top or the kitchen island. These nooks and corners can be used to store recipe books and other miscellaneous tools that are not so often used but you may need to use them once in a while.

The idea is to keep the vessels and pots that are used on a daily basis at arm’s reach and easily visible whereas all the infrequently used tools can be stored in boxes and shelves underneath.

Expandable cook tops and dining tables can be used to accommodate more things on the days there is an elaborate feast to be laid.


A dark kitchen with a darker shade on the wall can make a small kitchen look even smaller. The trick is to use lighter shades on the walls and also lighten the shade of the wooden shelves. Alternatively, additional lighting can be added to give an illusion of space. Using mirrors extensively can also create an illusion of more space.


When going for new things for the kitchen, prudently discard the old thing.

The tricks are all time tested and quite successful. Therefore, if you are grappling with space problem in your kitchen, it’s a strong recommendation to incorporate any or all of the above. And yes, HAPPY COOKING!